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Welcome to our Tasting Room!

Let us share some great food suggestions that team up wonderfully with your favorite
Varick Winery & Vineyard wines. We'll use some of the great products we offer in
our Country Store, the same ones you love when you try them here!


Dry Whites


Try our Fig Preserves with Cinnamon or Apple Butter on toast.
A good Citrus Ginger Olive Oil will shine when paired with our
stainless steel aged Chardonnay, especially if you're preparing clams,
 shrimp scampi or even a light Caeser salad.

Dry Riesling

Any savory herb dip will love getting together with a floral,
lemony Dry Riesling like ours. It's a perfect match for sweet & sour
dishes and hit with any garlic dish. We blend our
Raspberry Balsamic with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil to create
a simple Rasberry Lemonade salad dressing our guests love!


Seyval Blanc

A warm slice of apple pie or our Apple Pie Preserves on a
toasted English muffin are some of our favorite match-ups for our
crisp, mildly tart Seyval Blanc. Also great with it are the rich herbs
of bread stuffings and the flavors of fresh roasted
turkey breast or pork tenderloin.


Dry Vignoles

The sweet-hot flavors of our Hot & Spicy Cherry Salsa, 
Maple Habanero party dip or any Thai or Szechuan dish will be
enhanced by our Dry Vignoles, as many guests can happily tell you!
And if you like things a little less spicy, you'll be amazed
when you try this with your next fresh fruit salad.


Dry Reds 


Our Black & Blue or Raspberry Preserves bring out the
delicious berry and plum notes in our Merlot. If you're fond of
bruschetta, lasagna or a nice, hot panini, be sure to open
a bottle of Merlot as a great accompaniment.


Cabernet Franc

The black pepper finish and dark berry flavors in
Cabernet Franc pair beautifully with our Blue Blazes Preserves,
a blend of blueberries and jalapenos your taste buds will crave!
The dry berry tone makes for a surprisingly tasty companion
with roasted turkey and stuffed peppers!



Our favorite pairing with our Lemberger is
dark chocolate, hands down. Chocolate cake, fudge brownies,
and chocolate cherry cheesecake will match perfectly, too.
But don't forget to open a bottle when you offer burgers
or the next time you grill steak or beef ribs.


Semi-Sweet Wines


You'll love this semi-sweet Riesling with our spiced
Pumpkin Butter or our Southern Peach Dressing. And try it
as an incredible match with stuffed pork chops,
savory seefood dishes and Hawaiian pizza.


Country House

A Rose-style wine blend of red and white grapes.
It has a crisp burst of strawberry and red apple flavor.
Team it up with our Port Wine Cheese
or Horseradish French Salad Dresssing. for knock out pairing.
Everyone will want a second helping!



This wine truly shines when you have it with a 
little sweet and a little heat. Peppery Thai dishes, curries,
Buffalo wings or our Hot & Spicy Cherry Salsa all
make this a pairing to remember.


Varick White

Our house white is a real pleaser, especially when you
have it with a little fresh fruit, butter crackers & sharp cheese.
However, don't miss the chance to try it with tangy
flavors like mustards and spicy olive spreads.


Varick Red

This five-grape blend is just perfect with hearty,
tomato-based dishes like spaghetti, lasagna or pizza!
Serve it chilled or room temperature for surprisingly different
flavors. For many of our guests, Varick Winery's own
Summer Tomato dressing is a favorite pairing.



We've taken sour and tart cherries and fermented them
to create a true Cherry Wine. Pour it over vanilla ice cream or
have a glass with a thick, warm fudge brownie. And if you're
feeling adventurous, use it as a replacement for the water
in your chocolate cake recipe.


Sweet Wines


Varick Blush

Our Blush is intensely fruity with grapefruit scents and

a strawberry-like finish.  Serve it with some spicy BBQ, like our

Screaming Hornets BBQ Sauce the next time you grill.

Or have a glass with your next peanut butter & jelly sandwich

for a grown-up twist on an old favorite.


Copper Eagle

This smooth and rich dessert wine is the go-to

wine for all of our customers with a "Sweet Tooth".

It's floral, lime and honey notes beg to be teamed up with

fruit-topped cheesecakes or a big, piping-hot

slice of homemade apple pie.


Vignoles Reserve

With so much creamy, luscious flavor of it's own, we

almost don't need to pair this with dessert. But when we do?

Wow! Have this with tiramisu, chocolate cheesecake, flan.

We love it with our blueberry & jalapeno preserves

over New York Style cheesecake!


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