Wine Peach Slushie Mix

Wine Peach Slushie Mix

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Be swept away by our take of Italy’s most popular cocktail infused with the juices of fresh peaches … delizioso! This is the same mix  used to produce our delicious slushies at our winery tasting room, state fairs and wine events. 

This half gallon bag makes eight (8 oz) glasses of refreshing slushies.

Just add some white table wine ( we suggest Varick White ) straight into the bag, top it off with water, shake, and freeze for a frozen cocktail or if you just can’t wait serve it straight away over ice. It doesn’t get any easier than this.  No blender, no long shopping list of ingredients, and no measuring cups needed to make a perfect Peach Daiquiri every time. Can be served “On the rocks” or frozen for a unique treat. 

Made with real dehydrated fruits. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

Perfect for entertaining!  Take to the beach, on a boat, to a BBQ or party.  Cocktails in a Bag are portable and reseal able. These are not your standard boring cocktail mixers.